Unrolling the Brand: Solomon’s Hidden Treasures

GreenDreamCompany has a vision about to become reality: a ‘chain’ of beautiful tourism resorts and destinations in Africa, all inspired by the travels of the ancient King Solomon.

Solomon travelled all over Africa and other parts of the world: to form political alliances, marry foreign princesses and visit his goldmines. We want to share the fascinating old stories and make them part of the holiday experience of our guests.

First projects
Our first two projects are located in Ethiopia and Rwanda, two countries rich in cultural and natural heritage and both equally fascinating as they are beautiful.

Connecting countries
The countries we want to connect through the Solomon’s Hidden Treasure chain of resorts will be:

Israel – Egypt – North and South Sudan – Ethiopia – Uganda – Burundi – Rwanda – Tanzania – Zambia – Malawi – Zimbabwe – Mozambique – South Africa and Lesotho.

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