Training Deployment

Our different programs are developed to meet this on site approach.

1. Onsite training program

GreenDreamAcademy is aiming for better and more sustainable development results. Therefore the enrolment of the training and educational programs, developed specifically to close the identified knowledge gaps, takes place within local circumstances. By this on-site approach the best results will be achieved for all and a maximum impact will be reached. The implementation of the developed education programs exist of vocational educating and training staff or other stakeholders.

Tailormade & On site

Training  complete teams together, in service, customer journey
Training  peer-collegues so service will be standard
Management training on the job
Special educational programs, f.e. vinology

Train the trainer

Training of teachers of vocational institutes & tourism universities


2. Online applications

Within the LAB’s, virtual spaces are managed from GDA’s headquarters in the Netherlands. From the headquarters the LAB’s are provided with knowledge databases, materials, on-line platforms for local entrepreneurs and networks to support the on-site capacity building implementation.

We have carefully built a network of knowledge partners from which we acquire access to Breda’s University of applied science proven quality “High Impact Training Resources and modules”