Carefully formulated services

In order to build local capacity GDA services are developed in a carefully formulated process.

Step 1: Research and advice
The process starts with gaining insight in the knowledge gaps by identifying, assessing and mapping the local tourism value chain. Once the local tourism value chain is outlined, the knowledge gap within the value and supply chain can be identified. Based on the knowledge gap we advise organizations on possible training development programs to meet the local needs.

GDA services proces


Step 2: Development of customized training formats
The next step is the development of the customized training formats. Over the years of experience with educational programs for young entrepreneurs in the tourism sector, we have developed training formats, materials and programs that are either directly applicable or adoptable to local training needs.

Step 3: Training and Deployment
In order to meet the local training needs, LAB’s are installed locally (and virtually supported). Our LAB’s are learning environments within local circumstances. From these LAB’s we develop customized and modular training formats to bridge the identified knowledge gap for developing the tourism value and supply chains.

The implementation and on-site enrolment of the training programs exist of vocational education and training of staff. We developed different training deployment programs to meet this on-site approach.