Research and advice

Our research and advice consists of different services in order to gain insight in the knowledge gaps of the local tourism value chain.

Base line assessment/ Inception

Each tourism destination offers its own competitive strengths and weaknesses, that are shaped by local contextual circumstances  in which tourism development takes place. GDA, in close collaboration with the Academy for Tourism of NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, has developed an on-site,  flexible tourism destination appraisal approach, in which the current and potential competitive and market strengths of the tourism destination is assessed. It takes the existing local entrepreneurial skills as a starting point and analyzes constraints and potential of the area’s tourism development, including also the public policy perspectives on tourism development.

Tourism Destination analysis in corporation with NHTV

In Tourism Destination analysis the Green Dream Aacademy works closely with NHTV.  NHTV Breda is an international higher education institution with about 7,500 students from over 50 countries.  NHTV was founded in 1966 as an institute offering management programmes in tourism and leisure and in this field, it is the largest and leading education institution in the world. Today NHTV offers professional and academic bachelor’s and master’s programmes in the disciplines of:

  • Games & Media
  • Hotel
  • Facility
  • Logistics
  • Built Environment
  • Tourism & Leisure

Nearly all NHTV’s study programmes rank first in their categories in the national rankings and some bachelors are even qualified as top rated programme. International accreditations from, for instance, the UN World Tourism Organization, the World Leisure Organization and the International Facility Management Association, underline the quality of education. All study programmes cover some focus areas which are unique to NHTV. These focus areas are cross-cultural understanding, social responsibility, imagineering and entrepreneurship.

Quality assurance

NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences is the best large university of applied sciences of the Netherlands, according to Keuzegids HBO 2015 (in Dutch). With a score of 70.5, NHTV Breda has earned first place in the category of large universities of applied sciences.

NHTV Value Proposition on Tourism Destination Analysis

  • Multi-actor approach
  • Value-chain approach
  • Insight in demand (domestic visitors – intern international visitors, customer profiling)
  • Supply (subsectors: accommodation-transportation-recreation/leisure)
  • Opportunities and challenges for tourism development for determined geographic areas



NHTV Value Proposition on Tourism, hospitality and recreational entrepreneurship

  • Identification of investment opportunities
  • Pre-feasibility studies
  • Tourism product concepting
  • Feasiblity studies and business planning

NHTV Value Proposition on Tourism labour market gap analysis

  • Professional employment needs analysis (demand by tourism private sector)
  • Tourism skills supply (vocational as well as professional)
  • Skills and employment gap

Value & supply chain mapping

In order to develop supply chains GDA is involved to assess the needs by starting with the mapping of the value and supply chain of the tourism development projects. With the mapping of the supply and value chain and all the local parties within are inventoried. Once the value and knowledge chains are mapped, the GDA analyses and advices local tourism organizations and their supply chains.

  • Partnership / stakeholder analysis
  • Market analysis in private sector
  • Sector analysis / identifying local market needs

Capacity / Knowledge and Gap analyses.

Assess, prioritize and analyze the Capacity and knowledge gaps in the identified supply and value chains. GDA has developed a system based on this, based on deskresearch, interviews and a survey on site.

Training Content/process advice

GDA advises local tourism organizations or networks within the tourism destination areas on how to improve (awareness related to) the potential of tourism to foster development and/or to improve knowledge and expertise within the supply chains

Examples are advices on how to:

  • Manage supply chains for improved delivery of their services and products,
  • Increase competences of staff, improved management,
  • Monitor and Evaluate and improve communication with customers and stakeholders,
  • Develop competences to master the delivery of services and services in the field of tourism,
  • Support the creation of local experts & trainers