European Commission – education and Culture

Description – Lifelong Learning Programme: Leonardo Da Vinci, which aims to connect international education centra, private sector and governmental organizations in sharing knowledge.

Location – Slovenia, Croatia and The Netherlands,

Challenge – Connect European countries, Croatia, Slovenia and the Netherlands within the field of entrepreneurship in tourism. Create a sustainable network and guidelines for TVET containing good practices examples, and specific modules for training in entrepreneurship are being developed.

  1. A) Develop of a divers professional international network for knowledge exchange (Institutes, private sector and government)
  2. B) Develop a modular curriculum for young (unemployed) entrepreneurs in tourism sector on TVET level.
  3. C) Translate it into a Teach the Teacher program, and implement it.

Approach GreenDreamAcademy – Leon van Rijckevorsel(projectmanagement) en Leontine van Hooft (curriculum developer, trainer) and team executed:

  • Baseline assesment
  • Survey between the differences of academic approach
  • Intercultural communication
  • Entrepreneurial skill development
  • Incoming mission/ delegation to visit best practices in The Netherlands
  • Develop program knowledge exchange vocational training
  • Develop module: Storytelling as a business connecting framework for tourism area development

Business models for upcoming markets – Leon and Leomntine used the complete vocational training program (TVET) for upcoming markets: ‘Vocational Training  to success’.

Module 1: Storytelling

Module 2: Business Models

Module 3: Marketing – Communication – Networking

Module 4: Verbal and Non-verbal Communication

Module 5: IT Trends in Tourism

Module 6: Social Media

Module 7: Organising an Event

Module 8: Sociology of Tourism

Module 9: Self-analysis & Elevator Pitch

Module 10: Coaching Instead of Teaching

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Eva Hotel,Debre Berhan, Ethiopia

Description – The young opened Eva Hotel with more than 60 staff, delivers overnights staying at 50% foreign guests and 50% Ethiopian guests.

Location – Debre Berhan, Ethiopia, around 130 km North of Addis Abeba.

Challenge – The existing Eva hotel has 18 rooms, a nice garden, meeting hall, restaurant/bar. A new building is under construction, which will facilitate around 80 rooms. This is a long term plan, as the construction is moving slower than expected.

Currently there is no manager, as many Ethiopians don´t want to stay too long in remote areas. The owner is still looking into solving this issue.

The quality of the kitchen on international kitchen is not good, as the people have no exposure.

Most of the staff is from the surrounding area, and have experience, but had no formal training on customer service, waitering, table setting, and so on.

With in the future the new hotel being opened, it would be good to have various training for the current staff on:

–           Kitchen, international dishes

–           Hygiene, sanitation (although not bad at all currently)

–           Customer service

–           Financial management.

–           Front desk, now with 18 rooms there are sometimes already problems as the people are not properly using the system.

So the request for assistance was very divers, we decided to sent a divers professional to do a baseline assessment and to do some first solving issues.

Approach GreenDreamAcademy – Paul de Korte, management, marketing, financial management advised on improving management, training staff, marketing and ICT

Result – The owner of Eva Hotel: “An good overview of steps to be taken before opening the new hotel. There is a more clear idea on what is required from the general manager and from the staff in the hotel. Also the understanding to recruite staff for the future hotel is becoming more clear.”

Citymarketing Gondar, Ethiopia


Description – Citymarketing focused on tourism development.

Location – Gondar, Ethiopia

Challenge – Gondar is a town in Ethiopia that attracts tourists but where the need for growing and sustainable tourism is present. The need has arisen for Gondar to position itself as a tourist destination by (re)discovering, positioning and developing attractions and facilities needed to bind tourists for several days to the city and its surroundings.

Approach GreenDreamAcademy – We sent in marketing & communicatie expert Harry Bijl, who advised on how to join forces and improve promotionand marketing. He helped implementing a widley supported Task Force that started six Development programmes:

  • Awarness and Training programme
  • Promotion and Marketing Programma
  • Tourism Resource Identification, Mobilization and Promotion Programme
  • Tourism Infrastructure Identification and Development Programma
  • Tourism Resource and Environment Conservation & Management Programme
  • Tourism Resource Demand, extra activities and Institutional Arrangement and Development Programm

Result – Client: “ Now we have the blue print how to organize ourselves and develop our service quality and maximize our business by putting different long and short term business plans.”

Diaspora returning

Description – IntEnt assists diaspora to return to their native country as an entrepreneur. They support diaspora with training, coaching, matchmaking and making businessplans

Location – The Hague/ Ethiopia

Challenge – Training, coaching entrepreneurship skills, supporting business plan development of several African diaspora who want to return as tourism entrepreneur.

Approach GreenDreamAcademy – We sent Leontine van Hooft who supported several entrepreneurs:

– Ahadu Besa: Sky Way Hot Air Ballooning Company Abasynia

– Alem Desta: Queen Bee, honey farming, women education and B&B

– Getinet Seyoum: Gamo Tours


– Ahadu Besa has sold his company to his Dutch businesspartner.

– Getinet Seyoum has his own tourguide company

– Alem Desta works phasewise. Her knowledge centre on bee/ honey production is ready.