Organisation – Board

The GreenDreamAcademy is a developing and facilitating organisation which has no own employees.
The board (four members) consists of:

Drs. L.J. (Lianne) Dijkstra (1982)lianne

“Inspired by the GreenDreamCompany’s holistic view on development, I believe that we as the GreenDreamAcademy can add sustainable value to development by building local capacity.”

During my Master study Sociology and time abroad (Southern Africa) I found my inspiration for sustainable development and entrepreneurship. From my work experience as a business ethics, governance and risk advisor, I’m driven by the creation of both business and social value. As such, I advise organizations on how to create business value by successfully aligning corporate responsibility and sustainability effort with the company’s core business and strategy.

With my passion for Southern Africa and interest in social development, I got involved with the GreenDreamCompany in 2011, for which I fulfilled various roles. In believing that capacity building is an important requirement for sustainable development, I see a challenge in strengthening the abilities, knowledge and skills of individuals to improve their living standards and opportunities for the future. From my expertise on aligning governance and business processes with the organization’s CSR strategy I take my seat as a member in the board of the GreenDreamAcademy.


Leon van Rijckevorsel(1966)leon

Leon  participated in real estate companies for over twenty years. Since 2004 het is an entrepreneur in green building concepts, in which sustainable real estate development is key. Starting point in these concepts is the total life cycle of real estate.

Léon has a Masters degree in Real Estate Development (MRE). He is Member van het Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). This institue garantees qualification, honesty and professionalism in real estate development en management.

Within the GreenDreamCompany Léon is in charge of concept and  program management and consultation with investors.

Leontine van Hooft (1959)Leontine-van-Hooft

By creating educational possibilities and focus on job creation, GreenDreamAcademy gives local people opportunity to participate professional within the tourism and hospitality chain.

With a family background in both, education and entrepreneurship, I finished my first professional education as a teacher in 1981. I’ve been working with people with a distance to the labor market for 10 years, as a teacher, coach and as trainer.  Later I  became career professional for management and leadership. I had my own consultancy firm in managing diversity, integrity and good governance for fifteen years. I trained a lot of professionals within the reintegration sector, coached a lot of leaders from education centres, governmental organisations and business companies.

In that same period, I got my degree as a corporate anthropologist, at the age of 48, I started to work in Africa and started GreenDreamFoundation with my partner. This foundation (ANBI) is specialised in community development and tourism lab development in upcoming markets/ Africa.  The first tourism-lab was GreenDreamCompany, concept,- project- and programme management within tourism industry, starting in 2007.

GreenDreamAcademy, started as the second lab of this foundation in 2013, with me, always being a pioneer, in the leading role in this phase also being a board member. Nowadays this Academy is a very important key player within the total concept of area development. By the created educational possibilities, it’s on site and vocational approach and focus on job creation, it gives local people the live changing opportunity to participate professional within the tourism and hospitality chain, within their own environment.
Now, in 2015, it makes me proud that GreenDreamAcademy  has become an adult organisation, with good partnerships, ready to take of on a lager scale, ready to serve and educate.