Language & Business Culture Program

This program marks the start of the career of EVERY new Ubuntopia Cast Member, front-,  and back office. It’s an inspiring program about history, heritage, company structure, company values and daily operation.

Before the first day at work starts, every new Cast Members, from janitorial worker to manager, will partake in a two days program. This is where new Cast Members are welcomed in the Ubuntopia family and taught about the legacy that is part of their new responsibility now. This program makes new cast members also aware of the importance of teamwork and how they are connected.

In this program, new Cast Members are getting familiar with all the beloved Ubuntopia characters, storylines, attractions, shows etc.  They get informed about the extra benefits being offered to Cast Members. This two-day program gives the new Cast Members an overview of what their colleague operations Cast Members or back office Cast Members do to ensure guests have a safe and memorable stay in Ubuntopia.