Improving Hotel Quality?

Dear Sir / Madam,

GreenDreamAcademy is providing vocational training for people and companies in the tourist business in Rwanda.
My name is Antony Kemp and I am a student at Avans University in the Netherlands.
On behalf of GreenDreamAcademy I would like to ask your cooperation some questions about your need of education and training to improve your customer satisfaction and to grow as a company.

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About the research
With the results of this questionnaire GreenDreamAcademy wants to create a tailor made vocational training program that fits the needs of the Rwandese tourist business.

What to do?
Please fill out the questions by following this link. It will only take you 3 to 4 minutes.

Follow this link to go to the questions

After you have filled in the questions, please ask 2 other people of your staff to complete the questionnaire as well!!

Free gift!
If you would like to receive a gift, please leave your Name and Email Address and choose your gift at the end of the questionnaire.