European Commission – Education and Culture

Lifelong Learning Programme: Leonardo Da Vinci, which aims to connect international education centra, private sector and governmental organizations in sharing knowledge.

Slovenia, Croatia and The Netherlands,

Connect European countries, Croatia, Slovenia and the Netherlands within the field of entrepreneurship in tourism. Create a sustainable network and guidelines for TVET containing good practices examples, and specific modules for training in entrepreneurship are being developed.

  1. Develop of a divers professional international network for knowledge exchange (Institutes, private sector and government)
  2. Develop a modular curriculum for young (unemployed) entrepreneurs in tourism sector on TVET level.
  3. Translate it into a Teach the Teacher program, and implement it.

Approach GreenDreamAcademy
Leon van Rijckevorsel(projectmanagement) en Leontine van Hooft (curriculum developer, trainer) and team executed:

  • Baseline assesment
  • Survey between the differences of academic approach
  • Intercultural communication
  • Entrepreneurial skill development
  • Incoming mission/ delegation to visit best practices in The Netherlands
  • Develop program knowledge exchange vocational training
  • Develop module: Storytelling as a business connecting framework for tourism area development

Business models for upcoming markets
Leon and Leomntine used the complete vocational training program (TVET) for upcoming markets: ‘Vocational Training to success’.

Module 1: Storytelling
Module 2: Business Models
Module 3: Marketing – Communication – Networking
Module 4: Verbal and Non-verbal Communication
Module 5: IT Trends in Tourism
Module 6: Social Media
Module 7: Organising an Event
Module 8: Sociology of Tourism
Module 9: Self-analysis & Elevator Pitch
Module 10: Coaching Instead of Teaching

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