Diaspora returning


IntEnt assists diaspora to return to their native country as an entrepreneur. They support diaspora with training, coaching, matchmaking and making businessplans

The Hague/ Ethiopia

Training, coaching entrepreneurship skills, supporting business plan development of several African diaspora who want to return as tourism entrepreneur.

Approach GreenDreamAcademy
We sent Leontine van Hooft who supported several entrepreneurs:

– Ahadu Besa: Sky Way Hot Air Ballooning Company Abasynia
– Alem Desta: Queen Bee, honey farming, women education and B&B
– Getinet Seyoum: Gamo Tours

– Ahadu Besa has sold his company to his Dutch businesspartner.
– Getinet Seyoum has his own tourguide company
– Alem Desta works phasewise. Her knowledge centre on bee/ honey production is ready.