Development of training format

Being an “implementing” organization, GDA is gaining practical experience from the field. This means that besides developing local value chains, GDA also develops additional competences which should be implemented by the local tourism organizations. To do so GDA will make use of a pool of associated partners  to match the demands on the markets (Through GDC (local) network). GDA will also generate knowledge/expertise in order to conceptualize education and training programs.

NHTV Value proposition on toursim vocational training curriculum

– Design in collaboration with private and public sector

– Implementation

– Trainign of trainers

– Certification / integration in a coutry’s educational system

Supply and Value Chain Development

Process optimization within the tourism supply and value chain.

Having sustainable, good standard and reliable tourism supply and value chains, in upcoming markets, is quite a challenge. It needs a professional and committed approach. So we develop tailor made and vocational training programs, to equip local communities, to be able to deliver and participate in the tourism chains. Examples of process optimization supply and value chains are:


  • Food & beverages
  • Infrastructure
  • Equipment
  • Water & Energy

Services/ Hospitality:

  • Lodging
  • Attractions & events
  • Catering
  • Transportation


Entrepreneurship and Leadership skills

Tailor made programs on good entrepreneurship and connecting leadership.

The development of skills is very important in the world of today. To be successful in today’s knowledge economy, good entrepreneurship and strong connecting leadership are of great importance. Being an entrepreneur or leader is more than earning money. This is also about taking major responsibility. A strong organization is close and solid like a family. If good entrepreneurship or connecting leadership is lacking, there is no respect for employees and vise versa. Employees will not feel connected and will not be motivated. That’s not good for business. We develop tailor made programs on good entrepreneurship and connecting leadership.

  • (Young) entrepreneurs within tourism sector
  • (Personal) Leadership & management skills
  • Leadership & market development, African leadership
  • Commercial skills
  • Project management skills


Hospitality Training

Offering excellent service on hospitality starts with well trained and equipped staff. Employing local men and women in the areas of housekeeping, food & beverage, front office, kitchen ect, will mean that these employees will need to be trained and educated, so that they may deliver and understand the high service that will be expected of them. Examples of training programs we develop:

  • Customer focus
  • Communication skills with international guests
  • Language skills English
  • Cultural differences; awareness & interaction
  • Presentation
  • Hygiene


Marketing, communication & sales

New media and special tourism canals like online booking sites.

Nowadays business is a e-commerce business. This means that a new type of jobs have entered the sector. To reach the guest a website is not enough. Mouth to mouth is still the best. We develop programs to get staff familiar with new media and special canals like bookingsites, tripadvisor, google analyses etc.


Quality Assurance

Certification systems and programs

To deliver excellent service on hospitality, international quality standards are used as important guidelines to implement quality systems. We develop quality and certifying training programs to support organizations on implementing quality systems and procedures to meet criteria and obtain quality labels