Citymarketing Gondar, Ethiopia


Citymarketing focused on tourism development.

Gondar, Ethiopia

Gondar is a town in Ethiopia that attracts tourists but where the need for growing and sustainable tourism is present. The need has arisen for Gondar to position itself as a tourist destination by (re)discovering, positioning and developing attractions and facilities needed to bind tourists for several days to the city and its surroundings.

Approach GreenDreamAcademy
We sent in marketing & communicatie expert Harry Bijl, who advised on how to join forces and improve promotionand marketing. He helped implementing a widley supported Task Force that started six Development programmes:

  • Awarness and Training programme
  • Promotion and Marketing Programma
  • Tourism Resource Identification, Mobilization and Promotion Programme
  • Tourism Infrastructure Identification and Development Programma
  • Tourism Resource and Environment Conservation & Management Programme
  • Tourism Resource Demand, extra activities and Institutional Arrangement and Development Programm

Client: “ Now we have the blue print how to organize ourselves and develop our service quality and maximize our business by putting different long and short term business plans.”